Summer Doldrums

Both columns on which EP worked last week failed to work out, so there is little more to report than this: Alan Auerbach, of the University of California at Berkeley, gave a superb Feldstein lecture last week at the Summer Institute of the National Bureau of Economic Research on the forbidding yet vital topic of Taxation of Business Income in the Global Economy. It would take more reporting than I was able to do to turn it into news. Meanwhile, voting begins tomorrow for officers of the American Economic Association in 2022.

Slated for president-elect is Susan Athey, of Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.

Candidates for the two vice presidencies include David Autor, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Judith Chevalier, of Yale University; Caroline Hoxby, of Stanford University; and Michael Woodford, of Columba University.

Candidates for two seats on the six-member Executive Committee include Amanda Bayer, of Swarthmore College; Karen Dynan, of Harvard University; Melvin Stephens Jr., of the University of Michigan; and Lise Vesterlund, of the University of Pittsburgh.

Biographical profiles, including statements of purpose, are here.

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When I explained last month how EP became interested in the Swift Boat veterans controversy of 2004, I cited Jonathan Rauch’s advice in The Constitution of Knowledge: A Defense of Truth (Brookings, 2021):  Unmute yourself!  Push back! I said that I expected to write about various aspects of that unpleasant business at intervals over the course of a year, intending, I suppose, to build an audience.

Three weeks later, that seems a terrible idea. Who wants to wait to piece things together? Not me. I am more eager than ever to be done with it. So I’ll tell the rest of what I know in four consecutive columns, starting next week. Then I’ll get back to business, covering the economics profession.

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